Provillus – the most effective hair loss treatment

Nowadays hair loss is one of the most essential problems for men and women all over the world. It may be caused by hormonal changes, infections and traumas, drugs and nutrition, psychological and other factors. There is a plenty of remedies based on different principles of action that promise amazing results without hair transplantation. Unfortunately, most of them are useless, moreover sometimes these “magic remedies” cause unpleasant side effects and skin disorders. However, there are some products that one may trust, Provillus is one of them. (source –  …)

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a natural dietary supplement, which consists of saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, water, vitamin B6, biotin, zinc, nettle root, eleuthero, Uva-Ursi and propylene glycol. All these ingredients are beneficial for hair follicles and useful for hair re-growth. It works by normalizing hormonal balance and providing hair with vital elements. The natural origin of this product decreases risks of possible side effects. When using Provillus one may restore weak hair, prevent hair loss and thinning hair, and rejuvenates hair follicles.

Male and female hair loss

As the causes of hair loss in women and men differ from each other, there are also male and female versions of Provillus.

Provillus for men

Male pattern baldness belongs to the genetic disorders. Nearly 85 million of men are suffering from hereditary hair loss worldwide. The most common hair loss in men begins above the temples and vertex of the head, it calls “Hippocratic wreath”. This condition may be successfully treated with Provillus without hair transplantation.

It is important to start using this drug as soon as it is possible to ensure the better results. The process of hair growth is rather slow, so it is no use of waiting for the quick results. This hair loss treatment awakens the “sleeping” hair follicles, stimulates the hair growth and improves the condition of your hair making them more healthy. Keep on taking the medication to see the results. Click here to buy Provillus for men

provillus for women

Healthy hair is a key to woman’s beauty. Unfortunately the majority of women is suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. Hair dryers and stylers, coloring and even perms are less essential for hair loss than somatic factors. It mostly happens due to the estrogen imbalance caused by pregnancy or menopause, stresses and ecological factors.

Provillus is the answer for those who want to restore hair and prevent the hair loss. As well as the men’s formula, women’s version of the drug regulates the hormonal balance and provides hair follicles with necessary elements through the bloodstream. Click here to order Provillus for women

Summarizing the facts given above, Provillus is the first and the most effective natural remedy for hair loss treatment in men and women. According to the rumors, even the former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi restored his hair with the help of this amazing product. Don’t you think it’s worth trying too?

Provillus Reviews

  1. Gregory S. Castro

    I have been taking it for about a year. I must say it has significantly reduced my hair fall. I no longer notice much hair in the shower and in my hair brush. My hair also got thicker and way more pleasant to touch and look at. I would recommend Provillus to every man who wants to regrow his hair and doesn’t want to sell his house for that.

  2. Justin Wilson

    I started noticing bald patches when I turned 30. I’ve tried many hair loss treatments since then, both drugs and natural ones. However, my final choice is Provillus. I like the price and of course the results. I started to notice hair regrowth already in about 4 months. Five years has passed but I have the same amount of hair or even more and I’m happy with it!

  3. Kevin Hash

    At the age of 25 I started to notice receding hairline. I was frustrated because still being young I didn’t want to look like my older brother who lost most of his hair. Neither could I afford expensive hair loss treatments like Rogaine or Propecia. And so I started taking Provillus which was way cheaper. After 5 months of use I have thicker hair and my hair line is no longer receding. Awesome results!

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